Ellie Anderson is the Art of Ellie, a Brisbane based illustrator, printmaker, fine artist, and arts worker. Ellie's work explores pattern making, whilst combining references of natural flora and fauna.  Recently, Ellie has been experimenting with textile design.  In her current work she creates bold printed wall hangings using abstracted forms, often referencing elements of the Australian landscape, both natural and curtural. Ellie continues to evolve her practice by learning new skills and immersing herself in new mediums.

In 2012 Anderson was the Australian winner of the international RAW Visual Artist of the Year award, and was a finalist for the prestigious Iain Turnbull Memorial Bursary for Printmaking.  Anderson’s curatorial background includes, Visual Arts Director and Partner of artist run initiative The Box, Senior Intern and Gallery Development Coordinator for Nine Lives Gallery, and Social Media Coordinator at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane.  Anderson has exhibited extensively, with work featuring in ‘Harvest’ at Gallery of Modern Art, The MAYO Arts Festival, Jugglers Art Space, and her most recent exhibition ‘Pull of the Moon’ at The Hold Art Space.  Anderson’s work features in the Queensland Museum Collection and the Griffith Artworks Collection, and has been privately collected in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada.

Further to her art practice, Ellie is the Brisbane director of Work-Shop Australia.  A national skill sharing organisation which encourages creativity and inspires people to 'unleash their inner awesome'.  

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Before you start browsing through the SHOP please read below to gain a little insight into the printing process and methodologies of Ellie's practice. 

Every screen Ellie prints with, and every silk screen artwork in the SHOP, is handmade and printed by the artist in her Brisbane workshop.  Ellie keeps her practice as environmentally friendly as possible.  She rides her bike to the studio, recycles and sources second-hand printing materials, prints with 100% solvent free inks, uses rain water for cleaning, and reuses damaged or faulty prints for craft projects and handmade paper.  Ellie loves what she does, and she is especially conscious of creating eco friendly products.

Ellie's printing process is totally manual which can take longer then commercial printing. Thus, your order may take a little over a week to arrive (longer for international) so please be patient.   We can all agree that a handmade artwork with a thoughtful process is well worth the wait.

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