'Cutting Shapes' was a collaboration between Art of Ellie (AOE) and No Lights No Lycra (NLNL).  NLNL is an global dance community that started in Melbourne, Australia in 2009.  NLNL is a space where you can completely let go, shake out the stresses of the week, and lose yourself in the music and the physicality of your body. There is no light, no lycra, no teacher, no steps to learn, no technique, just free movement.  'Cutting Shapes' was a unique collaboration which introduced a visual element (by AOE) to the usual NLNL event.  AOE's involvement in the project was brought on by her desire to engage directly with the public with new medium and scale.  'Cutting Shapes' celebrates the joy of movement, Ellie emphasises this through the use of phosphorescent paint creating positive and negative space. The use of this medium also meant that the no lights policy was not disturbed.

A run of limited edition AOE x NLNL tote bags were also printed as part of this event, which are available for purchase through the SHOP

Photos by Patrick Graham